Democratic Candidates to Campaign in Connecticut This Monday

Breaking news here in the Nutmeg State (yeah, apparently that’s what CT’s nickname is): Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are doing the rounds in Connecticut this coming Monday. Apparently Connecticut, which has only 60 of the 2,025 delegates needed to secure the Democratic nomination, is an important battleground state this year for the party despite its relatively small share of the total.

According to the Norwalk Advocate, a UConn poll last week showed that Clinton was far ahead here last week, but more recent polls show that the two are going head to head in the state. Clinton spoke to a crowd of over 1,000 people in Hartford last Monday, and Michelle Obama was campaigning for her husband in Stamford and Greenwich, but now both candidates see the need to make appearances the day before Super Tuesday here in Connecticut.

No word yet on where exactly they’ll be, though there is speculation that Obama will speak in Hartford. Wesleying will try and keep you posted. Hey, if you’ve got a car…

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