With Valentines Day around the corner…

“Send that cutie who lives two apartments down the hall an anonymous message with new webapp HadToSay.com. Here’s how it works: you register for a free account at HadToSay, write your message, and send the message ID and PIN to the recipient via “masked” email or by printing out a card. (See the video for the card bit; it’s pretty darn cute.) Your recipient goes to HadToSay.com, enters their message ID and PIN, and they retrieve your message and optionally post a response. You never enter your or your recipient’s names, which is a good thing, because all messages are public and browseable. Looks like a fun way to send your special someone a little something to make them smile. As with all anonymous messaging tools, this could be used for good or evil—don’t be evil.”

via Lifehacker

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