Ask not what the WSA can do for you…

… because Robert Alvarez ’11 has summed it up right here:

The truth is, most of us don’t know what goes on inside that WSA meeting room, and (more importantly) what the WSA actually does around campus. So, here’s a quick and easy way to stay updated without even leaving your computer:

This week’s meeting (on Feb. 3) was a review of what the WSA has accomplished last semester, and here are a few of them:

Online Course Evaluation: Starting next semester (hopefully) we will be able to evaluate our teachers online, despite some faculty fears that some students might be extra harsh (especially if evaluating drunkenly at two in the morning).

New Fire Safety Inspection Policies: Weapons and drugs mean a phone call to PSafe, and probably an eventual phone call to MPD. Alcohol means a phone call to ResLIfe, only if in a dorm building where frosh live. Closets, drawers, etc. are off limits unless there is evidence of “an imminent life safety hazard” like extensions cords leading to a concealed space, a material covering a pile of stuff on a desk, a tin foil-covered meth lab, etc.

WestCo Downsize: Rumors were spreading that WestCo was to be totally thrown to the GRS (General Room Selection) dogs. Fear not, community-based living fanatics. The proposal was to just throw one building to the GRS dogs, and that’s not happening any time soon. But, if demand for WestCo does not increase (over 25% less students applied this year), then the URLC may reevaluate the program.

Alcohol Policy: Remember fears that Wesleyan may adopt an alcohol policy that looked something like the Eighteenth Amendment? Bans on kegs, hard liquor, and open containers? Lucky for you, Student Affairs Committee of the WSA spoke out against these proposals and they were dropped.

The New York Times: Significant cutbacks due to budgeting issues and increased prices haven’t led to much objection yet. A newspaper recycling program (finally we’ll learn to reuse papers) will also be instituted in the next few weeks.

We didn’t just sit around being nostalgic about last semester in this week’s meeting, here are some things to expect in the near future: changes to Wesleyan’s International Studies policies, hot items (like pasta and burritos) at the Usdan Café, and an Electronic Ride Board. Already in existence: a sweet game room in the basement of Usdan (pool tables and board games!)

For more detailed commentary go to Wes On Stack.

And just for fun, the WSA website.

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