Filipino Pistahan

Tanya Abaring writes:

Hey everyone! Join us at Beckham Hall for the annual Filipino Pistahan 07-08!. Celebrate the brownocity, the music, and the food. Oh yeah, and the dancing. We’ve got coconut shells, bamboo sticks, ducks, and a speshul surprise dance. (Hint: Cecil thugs it out.)

Here’s the info:
What?: Pistahan ’08
Where?: Beckham Hall
When?: Saturday, Feburary 16th
How much?: Your first born child or $3.00US
What time?: 6pm-9pm
What should I do?: GET HYPED!

You know you missed us last semester, so come out and support the islands…and the people in them, I guess.

Proceeds will go to the charity, Books for the Barrios, a program that supplies used textbooks to schools and libraries in rural areas of the Philippines. For more info, visit

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