WestCo Guest Lecture Series: Lolcats and Communes

In addition to the Lolcats lecture being given at 10 by Ben Bernstein ’10, Yotam Marck (who doesn’t, in fact, go here, but is the cousin of Izaac Lichter-Marck ’11) will be talking about his experiences as a member of the Naharovet, a communal youth movement in Israel.

In Izaac’s words,

“Yotam has lived in a commune for three years and is an expert on cooperative living and the kibbutz movements, zionism, marxism, and ping pong. come steal his ideas pineapple top tree grew where the jack o lantern plate.”

Date: Tonight, February 10
Time: 9:00 and 10:00
Location: WestCo Lounge

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