The WSA’s weekly update thang

This week’s installment of the hottest news from the WSA, as written by Robert Alvarez ’11:

The WSA was on fire this Sunday. Okay, bad pun, but Mike Pernick ’10 did give a presentation about Fire Safety, specifically the newly formed appeals board that gives students a chance to blow steam (again, bad pun, but I just had to). A whopping $3,500 in total was returned to students whose appeals have been granted. Another $3,300 in fines was returned to students who attended the Fire Safety seminars.

Apparently there has been confusion about what is allowed and what isn’t, so here’s a link to the Fire Safety website’s list of prohibited items.

Social Justice Day: Coming the week after spring break. Student groups can (and should) organize teach-in style events (along with professors) related to social justice, all funded by SBC.

Zip Cars: It’s a possibility, still under discussion. This is a system where students can have a timeshare on cars and use them as a community. Here’s a link for more information.

This week’s meeting is at the same time, and at the same place, as always: Sunday at 7:00 PM in Usdan 108. Dean Rick and Seb Giuliano, Mayor of Middletown, will be speaking.

The WSA will discuss the Army’s plans to build a training base here in Middletown—in one of the region’s last remaining grassland habitats. You should go and learn something about the community in which we all live!

Date: Sunday, Feb. 17
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Usdan 108

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