Lock-in at the Bayit

Emily Hoffman writes in to tell us that the Bayit/Jewish community is hosting a lock-in this weekend:

After services on Friday night, the Bayit/Jewish community will be holding a throw-back, old school lock in! If you missed out on youth group lock ins, you’re in for a treat. There will be movies, board games, baking, cookie decorating, gossiping, losings of innocence, spin the bottle, truth or dare, junk food galore, and more fun than you’ll know what to do with. We’re gonna get all the sleeping bags from Outhouse, and stay up way past our bed-times. As the list implies, there will be some activities that are not Shomer Shabbat (following the Jewish laws of the Sabbath) and some that do. All are welcome!

Obligatory Facebook event link here.

Other Bayit events this weekend:

Saturday Morning-
We will make some yummy breakfast, and Micah’s Mama will lead a non-traditional shabbat morning chanting service before Lunch and Learn at 12.

Saturday 1:30 p.m. –
Two Wes Alums, Annie Fox ’07 and Brian Botman ’07, will be leading a training on behalf of the Jewish Organizing Initiative on how you can use your story to be more effective in making change on campus and in the world–stuff she really wishes she knew when she was a student activist. The training is open to anyone interested in learning organizing skills, but is also a taste of the Jewish Organizing Initiative, and anyone interested in the fellowship is especially invited. There will be a Q&A about JOI after the training for interested folks.

Saturday 6:15 p.m.-
Sam Schilit and Emily Hoffman are leading Havdallah (end of shabbat service) with the musical stylings of Alex PR and Emily Evnen in the style of Jewish summer camp.

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