The WesDEF program needs you!

If you haven’t heard of us before, The Wesleyan Diversity Education Facilitation (WesDEF) is a program that has been designed to help students explore, comprehend, and work through a broad range of difficult topics concerning oppression, privilege, discrimination respect, inclusion, and community.

The purpose and structure of the program is under reconsideration and we want YOU to help us rebuild the program this semester. We used to be an administration-run organization, but we have newly split off and become a student group in order to get more people involved (among other reasons). If you are interested in becoming a facilitator, getting trained by professionals, and engaging other Wesleyan students in dialogues about the difficult topics of race, class, gender and sexuality, please come to our meeting.

What: WesDEF program info meeting
When: Wednesday at 7:30
Where: Usdan 108

p.s. if you cannot come to the meeting please contact Sarice at and we will keep you updated with what goes on.

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