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WESTAND has a new blog! It was created in order to better facilitate communication with members, in conjunction with our new project in the high schools and middle schools of Middletown. And yes, we like green eggs and ham, sam I am.

We were recently awarded a peace grant in order to film our project. We are entering many junior and senior classrooms and educating them about human rights, genocide, and the current situation in Sudan. With our help, they will develop a lesson plan to further educate middle school students, through assemblies and classroom gatherings.

Genocide is a terrible thing and there is something we can all do. So come to a WESTAND meeting Monday nights at 10 pm in Usdan meeting room 110, and get involved with this great, new education and awareness project, or to work on a fundraising campaign, or the music festival we are planning for the spring!

What: WESTAND meetings
When: Mondays at 10
Where: Usdan 110
and in case you missed it, blog blog blog

Students Take Action Now Darfur (STAND) is a student initiative in the United States and Canada dedicated to raising awareness about the genocide in Darfur, raising funds to help the victims of the genocide, and lobbying our government to help put an end to the genocide.

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