Roth fighting the End of History

Today, A little dose of Academic Trivia (not that anyone cares, but I found it interesting at least, and I’m sure your inner dork is dying to know): 

Francis Fukuyama’s famous and infamous book, The End of History and the Last Man, is the most recent attempt (1992) at a universal and directional history in the wake of the Cold War. In it, he describes history as driven by modern science and the human quest for recognition. These two things together point towards liberal democracy as the best of all possible outcomes for humanity. 
In The End of History Fukuyama cites two articles by Michael Roth on Hegel and Kojeve. However, Roth’s himself is very critical of Fukuyama’s thesis and believes that Fukuyama misinterpreted Hegel and Kojeve (as in misinterpreted Roth’s interpretation of Hegel and Kojeve?). Roth’s review of The End of History can be found here.  
p.s. thanks to Justin for the Mushroom cloud action
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