WestCovites to host OpenCo, break rulez

Current WestCovites invite you to check out WestCo, my freshman home (aww, hellz yeah, Up 2)! Ivan Maulana ’11 writes:

OpenCo is happening tomorrow, for the benefit of rising sophomores who are curious about WestCo living. Some rooms will be open tomorrow from 3-5pm, just drop in at the lounge and follow teh arrows. You can visit the different kinds of dens we inhabit (one/two-rooms singles/doubles, balcony/courtyard/ foss view). For those who havent had the benefit of hanging with us during, uh, “Thursday Movie Nites”, swing by and say hi. Also, Monday night, 10.07, is Open Guidance and everyone (ex/aspiring/non-residents) is invited to come break rulez and learn how to apply. Remember to say YesCo to WestCo.

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