Action-packed WSA meeting tonight at 7:00 PM

Tonight’s WSA meeting promises to be a hardcore, action-packed, must-see event!

  • Joe Bruno, Wesleyan’s Vice President for Academic Affairs, will be talking about student concerns over drop/add and course access. There is talk about making changes to the drop-add process, and we invite all students who have an opinion (bad or good) about the current system to attend tomorrow night’s meeting.
  • The WSA will also be discussing two proposed resolutions at tomorrow night’s meeting. The first relates to the proposal to build an Army Base at a greenfield location in Middletown. At last week’s meeting, Mike Pernick ’10, presented the WSA with a resolution that denounces the army’s plans to build on that location and asks the Wesleyan administration to take a stand on the issue. The resolution was tabled last week and will be voted on at this week’s meeting.
  • The second resolution that will be discussed tomorrow concerns divestment. This resolution relates to another resolution that the WSA passed last April, which urged the Wesleyan Board of Trustees to divest from two companies that were manufacturing weapons being used in Iraq. The resolution tomorrow is being presented by Kathy Stavis ’10, on behalf of Students for Ending the War in Iraq (SEWI). The resolution asks the Wesleyan Board of Trustees to vote on SEWI’s specific divestment proposal by the end of the semester.
  • Also, the first ten minutes of every WSA meeting are an open forum for student concerns. Any student or student group with any concern is invited to come and speak to the WSA during this time about any issue.

This thing is so big, there’s even a Facebook Event for it.

Date: Sunday, Feb. 24
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Usdan 108

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