Teach Against Genocide Bill hearing

On behalf of WESTAND, Katie Krauss ’08 writes:

It is extremely important that anyone who is in favor of mandating genocide education in Connecticut secondary schools attends this hearing. Currently the Connecticut legislators sponsoring this bill are advocating for a bill that only recommends genocide education be provided rather than mandating it. At this hearing, we will be thanking the Education Committee for introducing a bill that creates a genocide curricular resource guide, but also asking them for a bill that makes genocide education a permanent and sustainable part of secondary school curricula. Come and show your support!

This is a great opportunity and it requires very little effort! WESTAND would also like to film the event and conduct interviews for our documentary.

Check out this site to learn more, and email Katie for more information and to arrange rides.

Date: Friday, Feb. 29
Time: 12:00 PM
Location: State Capitol (Hartford, CT)

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