WESU Variety Show on Friday

Jessica Jones ’08 writes:

This Leap Friday, WESU invites you to its Variety Show at The Buttonwood Tree on Main Street. From stand-up comedy and poetry to electronic music and Randy Newman covers, come watch in awe as your favorite WESU voices perform live and in the flesh. Tap dancing, country music, punk rockers, and friends expected.

Here’s the tentative lineup:

  • Jeremy Finch, producer for The Faculty Lounge: songs sung from behind the piano; set includes at least one Randy Newman cover.
  • DJ Bess and DJ Neznama, hosts of I’m in Love With the Radio On: performing what has been described as “a sort of dance.” It’s existential.
  • David Abravanel, host of The Crater: original, incredible computer music.
  • Joshua Sharp, host of The Brittle Diameter: words will be spoken, and they will be done so in an interesting way.
  • Too Tough to Die (WESU Supergroup): playing fun, fast, and sloppy Ramones covers that everyone can appreciate.
  • Sylvia Ryerson: original songs with all the heartiness, sweetness, and warmth of a birthday cake made and decorated from scratch.
  • Precision Dance Troupe: what’s a good variety show without 3 expertly trained tap dancers?
  • Jess Jones, co-host of Musica Pa’ Gozar: original songs in 2 languages belted delicately with a Springsteen-esque passion.
  • The Vowelettes, featuring the hosts of Inside Tradition and The Feeling of the Idea of Silk Scarves in the Air: a tribute to strong, admirable women who sing country music. Extremely likable.
  • DJ Po, host of Laugh Riot: original stand-up comedy from a student of the masters.

Plus, the Middletown Youth Radio Project will be emceeing the event. Also, expect special guests!

Date: Friday, Feb. 29
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: The Buttonwood Tree (605 Main Street)
Cost: $3 suggested donation to WESU

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