Cross Country Skiing with the Outing Club

Come join the outing club for a cross country ski extravaganza on Sunday March. 2 at 10 am

Me: I hear it’s going to snow this weekend.
You: Really? We should go cross country skiing with all those skis outhouse has!
Me: Yeah! Before it gets too warm.
You: It gets warm in CT?
Me: Oh right, I forget you’re not from VT.
You: Well, what if the snow melts before Sunday?
Me: We can play soccer in the cold.
You: And then drink hot chocolate and eat popcorn!
Me: Yes!!!
You: But I have a lot of work.
Me: Are you really going to do work between 10 am and 12 pm on Sunday?
You: Well…
Me: It will energize you for the day… and give you a reason to be alive.
You: Okay, you’ve convinced me!
Where: Outhouse
When: 10 am Sunday
Why: Because we love snow.
What: Xcountry skiing at Wadsworth (bring a car if you have one) OR soccer in the back yard
AND hot cocoa and popcorn
Who: You me and everyone we know
||__|| (our parallel skis on the path… so metaphoric.)

email oriana.korol@gmail with questions.

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