What Does BuHo Do, Do They? They Do.

What Does BuHo Do, Do They? They Do.

(An open letter from Buddhist House)

Recently, public opinion of Buddhist House, also known as BuHo, also known as Home of Champions, seems to have drifted to a relative low—like maybe in the 10.6 out of 11 range. This lull in BuHo appreciation seems to be the result of two main factors: a scathing smear campaign by rival program houses, and our attempt to battle the said disinformation campaign not by spreading the truth, but by making ourselves chocolate chip cookies. This was a brilliant campaign in the short run, as we ate many chocolate chip cookies. However, such a campaign has had some unexpected side effects, namely that people do not know what BuHo does. Well, we’re here in your Wesleying to tell you what we do do:

  • Buddhist House DOES be a house. A very beautiful house, in fact, with the highest ceilings on campus. And you know what they say about high ceilings—plenty of room for tall cuddle piles.
  • Buddhist House DOES do Buddhism. The house is definitely themed in a Buddhist manner for a reason, but no experience with Buddhism is required (all you need to qualify is 300 karma points). The word “Buddha” means “awake,” and those who live here share a desire to cultivate a grounded, awake, and compassionate approach to life, both personally and as a community. We have group meditation three times a week, all of which are optional, and host a variety of monks and teachers every semester. In addition to sitting on pillows together, did I mention we also sit on our asses all day eating chocolate chip cookies. In delicious mindfulness. To us, Buddhism is a way of looking at the world, and a way of conducting our community.
  • Buddhist House DOES have a kitchen, which as many of you may know, is often used for cooking. We do a lot of that. Hanging out while cooking, hanging out while eating the cooking, hanging out while digesting the cooking, and finally hanging out while excreting that cooking. Like on the potty.
  • Buddhist House DOES a lot of out-hanging. Some of our enemies will say that those who live in the house are out of campus life. This is very much untrue, and when we are removed from campus life, it’s because we’re so into the community that we’ve built here. And actually, it’s really nice to have home and school be two different places. We love Buddhist House a lot, and want you to love it as well.
  • Buddhist House DOES be a community. We’re basically like community service house, only with less of the service and more of the community. And more chocolate chip cookies.
  • Buddhist House DOES win things. This year, our undefeated soccer team (we also didn’t lose) won the Champions League (aka C League), and just finished runners up in intramural dodgeball. Buddhist House is also home to UCAB top baker Shay Bauchner and world class figure skater Andy Zack.

This should help clear up things on and educate you about Buddhist House. Housing applications are due Friday at 11:59 p.m. Feel free to stop by anytime, we’d love to show you our amazing house. Email tparker@wes or sbernhardt@wes if you want to schedule a certain time to come around, or if you just want to talk about the house with us.


The Buddhist House Propaganda Campaign

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