Peace is a Donation Away: for children in Iraq

So, tonight I was heading to dinner at Usdan, and I walked past the Girl Scout cookies (after buying some Samoas) and saw a table called “Peace is a Donation Away.” I asked about more information, and it turns out that Sigma Lambda Upsilon / Senoritas Latinas Unidas Sorority is doing a donation drive.

But what makes this donation drive way better than most of the other similar donation drives for children in Iraq is its direct impact: all donations are being shipped directly to one of their friends, who is a soldier in Iraq currently, and who has been working with Iraqi children. She will be distributing all the donations directly to the children. There’s no big institution or organization full of overhead involved – all the donations you make will go straight to Iraqi children.

Donate shoes, toys, toiletries, or a dollar towards shipping. There will be a table in Usdan during lunch and dinner for every remaining meal this week. It’s so easy to pick up something from Stop’n’Shop or even Weshop; think about doing it.

The following is a testimonial from the soldier in Iraq:

“… As soon as someone gets too close to the wire, we need to begin our escalation of force. One day a group of children came by the fence begging for food. It’s policy to ‘not feed the locals;’ it broke my heart to see these children that are starving and so poor beg for food. They look at us Americans like superior beings like we have the power to fix anything for them. I gave in and gave them some food, I threw them a pack of crackers; the crackers hit the barbwire on the way down and the crackers went everywhere. These kids did not care they ate the dusty crackers like it was a blessing from the sky. “

What: Donate shoes, toys, toiletries, or a dollar for children in Iraq
When: March 3rd-March 7th, lunch & dinner
Where: tables in Usdan

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