Quidditch is coming… and needs your help!

(Muggle) Quidditch is coming!!

Ryan Scura ’11 from Middlebury needs our help. He’s part of the Intercollegiate Quidditch Association, and he wants to help bring a Quidditch session to Wes during Midd’s spring break next Thursday the 27th, as part of a larger northeastern Quidditch tour. (Yes, that’s Quidditch from Harry Potter).

I’m trying to help get them set up on Andrus Field & Foss Hill for the exhibition matches, which would be both explanatory and participatory, and would be designed to “acquaint you with the game and let you play as much as possible.”

They’re going to need some volunteers to host them overnight, and maybe take them to some meals. If you’re willing to host someone overnight, contact Ryan at rscura@middlebury.edu .

Here’s a quick overview of “Muggle” Quidditch, provided by Ryan:

There are 3 hoops constructed of gold pipes on each side, seven players on each team. The players must carry one of our specially designed, curved and brass decorated brooms between their legs at all times. Three chasers pass the quaffle (a volleyball) down the pitch, while two beaters attempt to hit opposing players with a bludger (red rubber dodgeball). The game centers around the seekers, who have to catch the snitch, and the snitch is a ball in a long sock that hangs out the back of the shorts of a varsity cross country runner/wrestler dressed in yellow. It does sound ridiculous on paper, so you really have to see it to believe it.

We’ll keep you updated of further details about the event.

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