Argus Looking for Photographers

The Argus is looking for photographers, apparently:

Hey you. Yes, you with the 50 Facebook photo albums. We understand your struggle. With so many exciting things happening in our college lives, why wouldn’t we want to save images of our youth and inebriation for posterity? But there comes a time when the pictures start revealing parts of your body and psyche that no one should ever see.

No no, don’t put your camera down. Turn it on and take pictures for the Argus! We can’t help your addictions (though we will be there for you when you want to end it all and close your account. [We’ll tell you not to.]). However, there are a few perks you might be interested in knowing about:

  • free entrance into shows
  • a photojournalism seminar to be taught by a photographer from the Hartford Courant
  • taking pictures of cute/esteemed students and faculty (more legit than stalking!)
  • a heads up on news stories
  • have your pictures published for everyone to see
  • possible editor position in the near future
It’s super easy and very little time commitment. We need your enthusiasm for photography.
If this ridiculously long post has interested you, please email and/or stop by at our first meeting of the new quarter on Wednesday @ 7:30 PM at the Usdan couches. See you there!
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