Shutterbugs Exhibition

Ting Liu writes in to tell us that The Shutterbugs (Wesleyan’s amateur photography group) is holding an exhibition, and they want your photographs!

Hi all,

The Shutterbugs, Wesleyan’s amateur photographers’ club, invites you to participate in our spring 2008 photography exhibition: Many Worlds. The theme is all about you. Tell us who you are; showcase your world through images: be it pictures of home, people you love, an unforgettable journey, or even yourself. Many Worlds aim to unveil the myriads of vibrant microcosms that exist within our college community.

So, submit your pictures now! You do not have to be an experienced photographer to participate. We accept works of all medium and genre (be it digital, film, collage, photo-essay, or even Facebook albums). Please submit digital copies of your work (as many as you please), together with a short description to:

The deadline to all submissions is April 1st. The exhibition will take place in Zelnick Pavilion from April 14th to May 15th.

Thank you for your support.

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