First Annual Social Justice Day

Wesleyan’s First Annual Social Justice Day
this Saturday, March 29, 1-5 pm

Social Justice Day is a collaborative day that seeks to bring students, student groups, faculty and staff together to discuss different issues in a non-academic context. Students, faculty, and staff are all leading sessions on topics related to social justice, including poverty and wealth redistribution, local foods and sustainability, and elections and social change.

<>1 pm: Lunch in Daniel Family Commons (RSVP on-line, link below)
<>2 pm: Volunteering, Picketing, or Policy Change; Elections and Social Change; When Non-profits Perpetuate Poverty: Overcoming the inherent challenges in social service models of neighborhood development
<>3 pm: Food Not Bombs and Wealth Redistribution; Rethinking Biofuels; Social Justice and Food
<>4 pm: “Operation Ivy: Dumpster Diving at Elite Colleges” film screening; Iatrogenesis in Psychiatry

You can come for all or part of the day, but it would be helpful if those planning to come to lunch at 1 pm in the Daniel Family Commons could RSVP at this link:

Additionally, you can find the Facebook Event here:

With questions about Social Justice Day, e-mail Matt Ball at

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