A while ago I posted about EON’s CFL bulb distribution campaign, and there were some comments about a serious lack of Butts/Hewitt love.

Well, fret no more, friends. There are more CFLs and EON wants to give them to YOU!

This week’s distribution times:
Tuesday: 9-11pm Westco
Wednesday: 9-11pm Hewitt
Thursday: 9-11pm Butts

If you’d like to help distribute:

We are going to gather 15 minutes before we start distributing bulbs, meeting in the lounge of each dorm. There we will review education techniques for talking to residents, along with distributing information sheets that you must give to the residents. Also, we will be collecting incandescent bulbs from students, and answering questions in this time period. Be on time! The end time is tentative, and it ends when we distribute all the bulbs in these dorms! It could take less than an hour if enough people show up!

If you help out, you will receive gratitude and a free CFL (yippee!)

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