"The [Balkan] Situations": Half the size, half the name

Upperclassmen may remember The Balkan Situations, a band of Wesleyan students that plays folk music from the Balkans, “and some other stuff, too.” Well, the group is now smaller – it’s a four-piece band made up of Wesleyan current students and alums – but they’re still performing weekly at Typhoon. They’ve changed their name to “The Situations,” since they’re now half the size and thus half the name.

What: “The Situations” plays Eastern European music at Typhoon!
When: Every Thursday and Friday from 6-9 pm
Where: Typhoon Restaurant, on Main Street

(Seriously, this group is fantastic. Highly recommended. They even incorporate Hungarian music. Can you get better than that? I’m a little biased though. Yay Hungary!)

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