REMINDER: Krishna Das at BuHo

Grace Lesser ’08 writes in to remind us that Krisha Das will be at BuHo tomorrow:

Krishna Das is perhaps the best known American singer of Indian kirtan-style devotional music. He first traveled to India in 1970 where he met his guru, Neem Karoli Baba (Maharaj-ji) and was introduced to the devotional singing practice of kirtan, an ancient method of heart purification. He has been leading kirtans and chanting workshops around the world since then and has released numerous CDs. Krishna Das has also been studying Buddhist meditation for more than 30 years. Sharing his heart through music and chanting is the basis of Krishna Das’s own spiritual work; his way of serving the Divine within himself and others. Visit

WHAT: Cool kirtan music
WHEN: Wednesday, April 9th – 7:30 PM
WHERE: Buddhist House
WHY: Because you didn’t know God has so many names.

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