Getting Events Posted Quickly

Little tiny bit of meta-blogging here:
If you’d like your events posted quickly, please provide:

  • relevant information (times, dates, etc.)
  • a relatively brief but informative summary of the event

I don’t want to have to do a mini research project to write a description for your event, and you don’t want my burnt-out-on-homework-and-studying-and-therefore-procrastinating self to be trying to pick a few paragraphs out of your several page event description to post–gigantic posts push others down the page, and people tend to skip over large blocks of text. On the other side of things, a post with dates and times but no real description isn’t going to get many people to come to your event.

Most of the stuff we receive is fine, but there are a few events I don’t have time to post right now because they don’t do all of the above.

Pictures also make for much nicer posts, although they’re not necessary.

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