Apply to be a WesDEF!

Do you want to be a WesDEF (Wesleyan Diversity Education Facilitator?)

WesDEF is a student group dedicated to fighting prejudice and promoting social justice through the initiation and facilitation of difficult conversations on campus.

WesDEFs will have facilitation and social justice training this semester and work together to outline the program for next year. To be a WesDEF next year, we ask that you commit to:
–Attending the mandatory WesDEF training on April 26th and 27th, 2008
–Attending meetings for the rest of spring semester to map out the WesDEF program and to continue training
–Being a WesDEF in the program when we institute it next year

If you’re interested in applying, send an e-mail with the answers to the following questions to by the end of Monday, April 14th:

Can you commit to the WesDEF program, including the April 26th and 27th
What other groups on campus have you been involved with?
Why are you interested in being a WesDEF?
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