House Hopping Day for juniors

Juniors: tomorrow is House Hopping Day! If you’re aiming to get a woodframe house next year, be sure to check out houses so you have an idea of where you want to live. Here’s the info:

This Tuesday from 4-8pm will be Woodframe House Hopping, where you can check out what the woodframes actually look like on the inside. Stop by our table outside Pi Cafe to grab a list of the houses for your group size, and then go knock on doors!

If you have questions, email Peter Hill ’08 at, or just find him at Pi.

Good luck with the stressful ordeal that is GRS! And don’t worry; it works out well for the vast majority of people. I promise. Although I say this as someone who has never yet had to go through it. Still, it can’t be thaaat bad…

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