Passover at Wes

Passover is coming up this weekend! Here’s what’s going on at Wes for the holiday:

1. First Seder: Saturday April 19th, 2008 at 6:00 PM in Beckham Hall.

The Seder is a community celebration that celebrates the Jewish People’s liberation from Egypt. Join us for singing, great discussions and a whole lot of fun. The cost is: $16.95 in points/Middletown Cash or 1 meal and $6.95 in points/Middletown Cash. Please RSVP ASAP to Rhonda at rkissinger@wes or 860-685-2287 (Name, WES ID #, or check made out to Bon Appetit).

2. Passover Seder #2 : Seders-To-Go

For the second Seder, we offer “Seders-to-Go”. You choose your friends and the location, we’ll supply the food, matzah, grape juice and the Haggadot (Passover
Manual), all available in your Friendly Kosher Kitchen. If you would like to do this, RSVP to Rhonda at rkissinger@wes. Please provide your name, Wes ID #, and indicate whether or not you are a vegetarian. You will be charged for a meal or equivalent in points. We will have a veggie and a meat option. Seder-to-Go meals must be picked up at the Shalom Salaam on Sunday 4/20 from 5-6 pm. Each person has to pick up their own meal.

3. Meals During Passover:

Shalom Salaam, located in the Usdan Marketplace, will be open for Passover and will be serving “Kosher for Passover” food for the length of the holiday. It will be open for lunch and dinner, starting with dinner on the 19th and ending with dinner on the 27th. We have reserved the following locations to eat on the following dates:
4/20 Lunch (12-2) – Usdan 108
4/20 Dinner (5-8) – Daniel Family Commons
4/214/26 Lunches (12-2) & Dinners (5-7) – Usdan 108
4/25 – Lunch (12-2) TBA
4/27 – Lunch (12-2) – Usdan 110
Also, the Bayit, located at 157 Church Street, will have a kosher
kitchen that has been kashered for Passover. Feel free to use it!
For more info contact: Micah Weiss

All this info and more can be found at

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