Let’s Talk About Drugs!

Peer Health Advocate Elena Logvinenko ’09 sends in some info about a sweet forum going on tomorrow. If you’re considering trying any drugs and want to know the info (how to keep safe while taking them, etc.), it sounds like this is the event for you:

This will be a very informal event, led by the Peer Health Advocates. We’ll be discussing drugs, alcohol, harm reduction, and the social climate at Wesleyan. We expect this to be a group conversation, not a lecture by the PHAs. You can ask or talk about drugs, what they can do, how not to hurt yourself while taking them, how to help your friends if they have a bad experience, and the fact that really, you don’t have to take any drugs or drink if you don’t want to. WesWell’s mission is to equip you with accurate and useful information that can be used in your personal decision-making.

When: Friday (tomorrow), 2:30 pm
Where: the WesWell solarium, the 2nd floor of the health center

(ps. there will be snacks!)

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