Lunchbox Friday at 7PM – Don’t Miss It

Dylan Marron ’10 writes in to remind us:

There’s gonna be a LUNCHBOX SHOW this FRIDAY at 7PM in the NIC LOUNGE. Surely it will be awesome, as usual.

WHAT: Lunchbox, that sweet device you’ve been missing since elementary school
WHERE: The Nic Lounge, classy as always
WHEN: Friday at 7PM (better known as party o’clock)
WHY: ’cause Lunchbox fucking rocks
HOW: Get your ass over to the Nic Lounge
OKAY: I’m done.

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3 thoughts on “Lunchbox Friday at 7PM – Don’t Miss It

  1. Anonymous

    hey jacon,

    lunchbox isn’t improvisational. it’s sketch, so your tags are incorrect.

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