Sufi Rock Legend at Memorial Chapel

Salman Ahmad, lead singer of Junoon– one of the most internationally popular South Asian bands of all time, pioneer of the nascent “Sufi rock” genre, medical doctor, and Pakistani celebrity often cited as a subcontinental Bono, is coming to Wesleyan:

A Performance by SALMAN AHMAD of Pakistani rock sensation, JUNOON. His performance will include a film screening, brief lecture, question and answer session, and finally an “unplugged,” music performance along with percussionist, Sameer Chatterjee.

Salman Ahmad is the lead singer of the Pakistani band, Junoon. Junoon is among the foremost and most popular rock bands in Pakistan. The band pioneered the sufi-rock genre, which combines hard rock with Sufi music. Ahmad, for instance, writes about being influenced by both Led Zeppelin and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, the most well-known Pakistani Sufi music maestro.

Ahmad has performed all over the world and at various arenas, including the the recent Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony in Oslo. He has been touring US universities and colleges, including Pomona, Harvard, Yale, and Queens College. In addition to being a musician, Ahmad is a public intellectual, writing on contemporary Pakistani politics, for example. He has been covered by several major US newspapers, magazines, and TV channels, including The Washington Post, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, and MTV.

For more information about Salman Ahmad and the band, please visit:

Date: Friday, April 25th
Time: 4:30 p.m.
Place: Memorial Chapel
Price: Free Admission and Snacks!

*This event is sponsored by Academic Affairs, ADAPT, Anthropology, Art and Art History, History, MSA, Religion, Religious and Spiritual Life, SALD, SBC, Shakti, Southern Asia Studies Cluster, WOC Collective, and WWW – a collaboration among the Offices of International Studies, of International Student Affairs, and for Diversity and Academic Advancement

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