Opera & Oratorio at Crowell

Opera & Oratorio final performance Saturday night:

In traditional mythology, the Gods become angered for various reasons. This opera chooses to explore through music three stories of this anger in Greek, Egyptian, and Norse mythology. Music selections from Mozart, Berlioz, and Dvorak interspersed in an opera written by Steve Sunu ’08.

Directed by Priscilla Gale
Written by Steve Sunu ’08
Accompaniment provided by Melody Wang ’10 & Steve Sunu ’08

Featuring the Opera & Oratorio Ensemble:
Erik Holum
Jon Short
Keith Lee
Gregory Wong
Brian Langenmayr
Sarah Gillig
Grace Overbeke
Amanda Baker
Mica Taliaferro
Azusa Tagami
Karla Suarez
D’or Seifer
Lauren Moore
Beverly Fong
Meghan Duberek

What: Opera and Oratorio Final Performance
When: Saturday April 26th at 7:00 PM
Where: Crowell Concert Hall
$4.00 for students and seniors, $5.00 for everyone else.

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