Weekend Chess

Lu Yang and Al Fertig ’10 are organizing a weekly informal gathering of chess enthusiasts, Sundays during/after brunch. We’re just a couple of guys who have rediscovered the joys of lounging around on weekends while sipping on a cup of coffee and enjoying a stimulating game of chess, and are looking for people to play against/have our asses kicked by.

All skill levels welcome, we don’t care whether you know Searching for Bobby Fischer by heart or can’t tell a bishop from a rook. Bring a chess set if you’ve got one, we have like, two between the three of us.

Usdan courtyard at 1, Usdan lobby if it rains. Josh Waitzkin won’t be there, but we are working on our intense chess faces.

Date: Sundays, starting April 27th
Time: 1 pm
Place: Usdan courtyard/lobby if it rains

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