Patrick Lee for Senior Class Representative

Patrick Lee ’09 sends us his campaign statement for WSA Class of ’09 Representative:

This year, I have heard students complain about innumerable poor-decisions made by the University on constructions, dining, ResLife (boo), chalking, the censor on Zonker Harris day, the discontinuation of Korean language program next year…etc. These poor decisions the University made are the result of the lack of fierce student voices heard by the administration.

I assure you that aggressive protests can make a difference, as proven by the administration’s decision to re-offer the Korean language program after insistent appeals by the students.

Over the years, Wesleyan has been losing its own color and becoming more and more like liberal arts colleges in rural Massachusetts. As a senior class representative, I will present myself to voice the concerns of the senior class with an uncompromising attitude, so that we as well as all the students that are to follow us can enjoy a little bit of the real Wes.

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6 thoughts on “Patrick Lee for Senior Class Representative

  1. Anonymous

    Yeah, we all remember the aggressive protests to bring back the Korean language program?

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