This weekend, Second Stage proudly presents Musophobia. Writer and Director Alli Rock ’10 writes:

It is a certain famous theme park’s official position that there are no actors inside the giant cartoon costumes that roam around the park. And as they are so real, of course, they could never ever break character. Never. Ever.

Which makes for a problem, in 1984, when these actors go on strike. It’s not easy being a panda, a princess or a mermaid when you’re caught between an administrative fairy and a labor organizer.

Want to see the man behind the curtain? It’s simple, just close your eyes really, really tight, concentrate really, really hard, and journey to the land of the Imagi-Nation.

Starring: Adam Jacobs ’10, Brenna Galvin ’11, Emily Caffery ’10, Peter Hull ’10, Ben Smolen ’10, Elizabeth Gauvey-Kern ’11, Arie Levine ’11, Gus Spelman ’11, Elissa Heller ’11, & Arran Bardige ’10.


Friday, May 9th at 8 PM
Saturday, May 10th at 2PM and 8PM

Where: ’92 Theater

(As per normal second stage procedure, free tickets are available at the Wesleyan box office the morning of each performance.)

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