A different perspective on Spring Fling

Ed McKeon, a Middletown resident and the prolific blogger behind Caterwauled, provides a different perspective on the happenings at Spring Fling:

Suddenly, a young woman, topless and distraught walked by, followed by a friend who persuaded her to get her blouse back on. The distraught woman and her friend struggled and argued across the length of the courtyard until a Wes Security SUV arrived, and the distraught woman was confronted. She struggled with the security personnel, and another security car arrived. She was handcuffed. The original responders were quickly followed by four Middletown Police Cars, an ambulance, and a fire truck. Whatever this sad young woman was struggling with, the response to her belligerence seemed a bit over-the-top. (There may be a legitimate reason for the response that I can’t fathom because I observed the entire altercation from a distance, and don’t know what kind of threat she represented.)

Needless to say, the combination of exuberant, end-of-the-semester, pre-finals over-indulgence, and on-high-alert safety personnel, creates an atmosphere that is, to say the least, tense.

In other news, Goodnight to the Rock & Roll Era has posted a review of The Hold Steady’s performance, and has photos and videos from Spring Fling… like the one below:

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