Summer Reading: Almost There Edition

Pop on over to for all kinds of delicious little public domain treats, including this newly-scanned Complete Works of Nietzsche.  They’ve got a whole collection devoted to historical dance manuals, and a treatise on the psychic powers of ants!!
If you’re driving anywhere and haven’t yet figured this out: podcasts of interesting things on iPods are frickin’ awesome. I mean, there is definitely something to be said for soaking up the Christ-baked chittlin’-fueled AM radio of whatever locale you’re blazing through, but after the umpteenth car dealership ad, it’s nice to be able to sink your ears into some warm, commercial-free programming. (protip: go to the library, hunt down books-on-cd, rip any interesting specimens to iPod ASAP. Robert Anton Wilson is dead. But you can listen to a bit of Illuminatus! for free here.)
recommended podcastz: Studio 360, Grey Lodge’s Ultra Podcast, The RU Sirius Show , What you can scrape away from This American Life, (edit: apparently you can steal them all with this hilariousness) and you can find more goodies at whatever. Crazy people are a neat and sometimes necessary antidote to other crazy people you might be exposed to.

Feel free to post your summer reading recommendations in the comments and I might cull them occasionally for mainbody inclusion.

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