WESU is summerified

That’s right, WESU is going all summer long. Some of the hosts are Wes students, some are Middletown community members, and all are awesome.

The summer schedule started this past Monday. Check it out here.

As always, you can listen to WESU either streamed online at http://www.wesufm.org/ or on any radio tuned to 88.1 FM around Wes.

I’m excited for tonight’s:

Jim’s Greasepit and Cocktail Lounge with (Death in) Jim – [Tire-meltin’, upright-bass-slappin’, beer-swillin’, greasy haired, low-brow rock ‘n roll at its finest. At least one Elvis song per show guaranteed. Tip Darlene or she’ll spit in your coffee next time.]

Yeah Elvis.

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