Upcoming all-campus email: Forum is at 4:00 in Usdan

Working its way through the tubes…

To all students:

The WSA will be facilitating an all-campus forum to discuss the events that occurred on Fountain Ave last night, occurring at 4:00 PM in the lobby of Usdan. The divestment meeting that was originally scheduled has been postponed to accommodate these extenuating circumstances and to assure that all students’ voices can be heard on this vital issue. Administrators, WSA representatives, and senior class officers will be present to answer questions and discuss the broader issues surrounding Wesleyan students’ relationship with Public Safety, Middletown Police, and the Middletown community as a whole.

We invite students to email statements to wsa@wesleyan.edu if they wish to speak but cannot attend the meeting. We recognize that many students are leaving campus and we will read and discuss these statements at the forum.

We also remind students to submit their firsthand accounts to one or all of the following: President Michael Roth (mroth@wesleyan.edu), Vice President Michael Whaley (mwhaley@wesleyan.edu), WSA President-elect Mike Pernick (mpernick@wesleyan.edu), and/or WSA Vice President-elect Saul Carlin (scarlin@wesleyan.edu). It is vital that your accounts be collected and reviewed to build a basis for our response to the situation.

Mike Pernick, WSA President for ’08-’09
Saul Carlin, WSA Vice President for ’08-’09

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