Divestment Rally TODAY

Today and tomorrow, Wesleyan’s trustees will be meeting and at some point deciding whether or not we will divest from weapons contractors. Come to a rally on Andrus Field today (Thursday) at 3:00 for music, speakers, art, open mic, and more. Let the trustees know that all eyes are on them.

Invest in Community, Divest from War
Support divestment from General Dynamics and Raytheon; A rally for peaceful values
The board will meet on Thursday at 3:30 PM in the Daniel Family Commons and will finally decide whether or not to divest from weapons contractors. This is our final chance to make our views known before the trustees decide on divesting from weapons contractors.
LOCATION: Andrus Field (outside Usdan)
TIME: 3 PM Thursday
(Buses for the senior event leave from 5 PM to 7 PM, so you can participate in both)
There will be

  • Live student music
  • Speeches by professors
  • An open mic
  • Public art demonstrations
  • Community donations
Make food for yourself and a neighbor (to be donated to Amazing Grace in Middletown) Also bring any non-perishable food items!
Make YOUR voice heard!
This will be a fun outdoor blast. Widespread participation is absolutely crucial in order to prove to the board that there is student support. We hope to see you there!

email lguilkey for more info

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