A little bit of Wes in the summertime

Want to awkwardly help awkward prefrosh feel more comfortable about Wesleyan (and maybe meet some alums, school administrators, etc., too? Hey, networking is always good)?

Find a summer sendoff near you – there will be sendoffs in Boston, MA; Boulder, CO; Chicago, IL; Cleveland, OH; Houston, TX; London; Los Angeles, CA; Minneapolis, MN; Nantucket, MA; New York, NY; Philadelphia, PA; Rye, NY; San Diego, CA; San Francisco, CA; Seattle, WA; and Washington, D.C. For details info about each of these sendoffs check out the Wesleyan website.

Join members of the Class of 2012, new transfer students, and their families for a casual summer social as they prepare to head to campus. This is an opportunity to meet others new to Wesleyan, as well as some current students and their families, alumni and friends of Wesleyan. If you have any questions about Summer Sendoff, please contact us at sendoffs@wesleyan.edu or by phone at 860/685-3756.

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