Ingrid Bergman summer film series starts this week!

Wesleyan and Middletown are preparing for their second year of an interesting partnership: a film series designed to stimulate eating out for dinner in Middletown.

This year, the film series’ theme is “Ingrid Bergman and her Hollywood Leading Men.” Each film is totes free to watch.Dave Pesci’s newsletter/press release writes:

As part of this project, Wesleyan is partnering with the City of Middletown, Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Business District to present the CineFare Middletown program. The idea is to encourage film-goers to visit local Middletown restaurants prior to the films. Restaurants participating will have CineFare posters in their windows. The Middletown Transit Authority (MTA) has also been contracted to provide shuttle services from the downtown area to Wesleyan on the evenings of the film series.

The first film is this Wednesday.

What: Screening of Hitchcock’s Notorious with Ingrid Bergman & Cary Grant, with intro and a q&a by a faculty member and guest presenter. Eat out beforehand (like you need an excuse… cooking sans meal plan -> annie’s mac&cheese? no)
When: Wednesday, July 9, 2008 at 8 pm
CFS Goldsmith Family Cinema
bonus: gala reception is planned at the end of the film

(next week, on July 16, is Casablanca!!)

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