Wes on the Olympics

Women’s lacrosse midfielder Jade Scott ’09 is profiled in today’s Hartford Courant in an article on four local athletes of Chinese descent and their thoughts/impressions of the Olympics being held in Beijing. Jade, whose maternal grandparents are both Chinese, is taking it a step further: she’ll be a translator for NBC:

Scott, 21, will serve as a translator and tour guide for NBC, which is broadcasting the Games. She also plans to write her senior project on the economic implications of the Olympics.

She also got a sense of how people feel in China [while studying abroad in China last fall].

“A lot of the people I talked to believe their lives will change [after the Olympics],” she said. “It’s hard to tell right now. They knocked down a lot of the older neighborhoods to make way for newer buildings for the Olympics. It’s interesting. Everybody’s excited for the Olympics and very proud. At the same time, some of the traditions are being pushed aside to make way for new possibilities.”

Hartford Courant: “Pride in China Shows Among Local Athletes

Thanks to Brian Katten ’79 for the tip.
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