More Princeton Review rankings

EON’s blog notes that the Princeton Review has released its 2009 “Green Ratings,” and that Wes scored a 92 out of 99. The criteria included in the rating include:

  • What is the percentage of food expenditures that go toward local, organic, or otherwise environmentally preferable food?
  • Does the school offer programs…to encourage alternatives to single-passenger automobile use for students?
  • Are new buildings required to be LEED Silver certified?
  • Has the school produced a publicly available greenhouse gas emissions inventory?
  • Does the school have an “environmental literacy” requirement?

It’s worth noting that Wes is required, in accordance with the Presidents Climate Commitment, to compile an inventory of all of its greenhouse gas emissions within a year of signing the Commitment (i.e. by November). The full criteria are here.

A total of 11 schools achieved a Green Rating of 99 and made the Green Rating Honor Roll, including one of our NESCAC peers–not Middlebury, but Bates. Nine of the 11 schools on the list have signed the Presidents Climate Commitment; Harvard and Yale are the outliers.

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