Public Art Fall Student Tutorial

Claire Staples ’09 and Liz McClellan ’09 will be running a student tutorial this fall as a part of the Public Art Initiative:

We will be talking about such issues as What is the function of Public Art? What is its history? How does one go about getting the permission and funding to put on a public performance/ exhibition? In addition to discussing these issues, we will be teaching a weekly class at Green Street Art Center. The goal of this class is to work with some awesome kids to put on a public performance, thus putting our ideas and discussions into action. The kids seem most interested in a hip hop dance production. Everyone in the class will be responsible for running one class session at Green Street, attending the weekly discussion sessions that will be just us, presenting at one of these sessions, a few reading responses, and of course working towards the final realization of the performance. The class will be a full credit. The Green Street Art center class will meet Thursday evenings, and we will schedule the weekly discussion group based on the schedules of people interested. If you’re interested please email Claire Staples (cstaples@wes) or Elizabeth McClellan (ecmclellan@wes).

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