Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

In a nod to Wesleying, a Georgetown senior has started the blog SaxaSpeak. Readers of Wesleying will find the format rather familiar.

“I found myself addicted to Wesleying and then subsequently jealous that my school didn’t have a similar outlet so I decided to bring Wesleying to Georgetown, if you will. Yes, I borrowed liberally from Wesleying’s aesthetic in creating the site: why reinvent the wheel?”

I can’t speak for all of Wesleying, naturally, but for my part I wish them luck. All schools should be so lucky as to have one of us.

UPDATE: Turns out Trinity likes the model as well. A sophomore at Trinity has started the blog TrinTalk, and a Trinity ACB as well. The format isn’t quite as similar as SaxaSpeak, but the essence is there. He wrote:

“A few of my friends at Wesleyan showed me Wesleying and the ACB, and I had to admit, I felt like dear ole TrinTrin needed something similar. So I’ve done a bit of work and last night launched and an accompanying ACB at”

The moral of the story? Holly and Xue are trendsetters, and you should go out and get some of whatever they’re up to.

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