Class Deans Join Web 2.0

The SARN Peer Advisors would like you to know that, in an unprecedented gesture of tech savviness, each Class Dean has started keeping an official blog. So far the posts are more detailed versions of the kinds of things you get from them in emails, which can be especially useful if you’re the type that tends to overlook said emails.

They’ll be posting about the important events and deadlines that pertain to each class year. Check out their blogs for links to forms, resources, scholarships, and fellowships. Contact information and office hours are also listed.

What do class deans do? They are there to assist you in navigating your academic and co-curricular life. Go to them with your questions, concerns, or just to chit-chat. They’ll help you solve problems and get connected with the appropriate resources on campus. Get to know your Class Dean!

Dean David Phillips (’12)

Dean Noel Garrett (’11)

Dean Maria Melendez (’10)

Dean Louise Brown (’09)

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