E-Portfolio Down

I and several other people I’ve talked to are unable to access their e-portfolios, so if you can’t, you’re not alone. Hopefully this’ll be remedied as soon as possible so we can get back to drop/add.

I’ve sent an e-mail over to helpdesk asking for more information, and I’ll post it when I receive it.

Earlier this morning, we were experiencing problems with some web-related technologies, notably ePortfolio. Currently, ePortfolio should be working for all users. However, webmail and access to Wesleyan’s mail servers is currently down. ITS is working on a fix. [Justin, 2:25 PM]

Access to Wesleyan mail has been restored. There are intermittent problems with Cisco Clean Access, so your access to the Internet and other network services may be malfunctioning at the moment. For more information, see ITS System Announcements. [Justin, 5:12 PM]

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