Public Art Initiative tutorial meeting

Claire Staples ’09 writes:

Public Art Initiative is working on a project you may be interested in! We are teaching a class (group tutorial) and the subject is Public Art. We will be talking about such issues as: What is the function of Public Art? What is its history? How does one go about getting the permission and funding to put on a public performance/exhibition?

In addition, we’ll be teaching a weekly workshop at Green Street. We’ll be working with some awesome kids who are in a hip hop dance group , and teaching them production techniques and new media for performance. Another goal is to get them involved in some of the more administrative aspects of managing the group.

Everyone in the class will be responsible for running one workshop at Green Street, attending the weekly discussion section at Wesleyan, doing some readings, and presenting one reading. The class will count for one full credit. The Green Street Art center class will meet Friday from 4:00 – 5:00 and we will schedule the weekly discussion group based on the schedules of people interested. You don’t have to have any art experience to take part.

Claire has set up a meeting for those interested. There’ll be dinner!

Date: Thursday, Sept. 4
Time: 8:00 PM
Location: 267 Court, Apt. B

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