Outdoor Retromusicology, Thursday Night

Get your Thursday night jammy jam on. From Aural Wes:

BAREFOOT JUNCTION… is playing an outdoor concert this coming Thursday, September 11, at 11 pm. Self-described as a “Ph.D program in retromusicology” (tight), Barefoot Junction are seniors Jared Keller and Benjie Messinger-Barnes, along with sophomore Graham Richman. The group lists their influences as ranging from Medeski Martin and Wood to James Brown, “bad dance music,” and Graham Richman (obvi). Guest appearances will be made by Jake Gold and Raphael Gerraty, both ’09.

The boys are playing in honor of someone’s birthday, which probably means you’ll find yourself listening to jammy jams on the lawn one minute, then down on the grass in front of Mamoun’s cart at 3 am the next, wondering just how that Philly cheesesteak got wedged between the windshield and the wiper and if you can get away with stealing it. I’m just saying, where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire, you know?

Barefoot Junction
Date: Thursday, September 11
11 pm
Where: Backyard between Fountain and Pine

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